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3 Kings refers to its unique parentage of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. What makes this particular parentage so interesting is that the Headband strain is itself a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, making these two kings of the marijuana world the most significant contributors to 3 Kings genetics. 3 Kings Marijuana strains

When you take the greatest marijuana strains in the world and crossbreed them, there is an expectation that they will be of mediocre quality, a crossbreed that only exists to pay homage to the majesty of its parent strains.

However, 3 Kings is fantastic in its own right. It possesses both a distillation of the flavors of its parents, as well as a surprisingly potent effect despite its relatively low quantity of THC.

The high of 3 Kings is fairly typical of its strong sativa genetics, offering a combination of focused energy and a pleasantly calm, relaxed sensation.

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Once you have smoked your first puff of 3 Kings, you will be immediately hit with a profoundly strong sensation of headiness – you can expect it to feel like a sudden crashing wave, almost overwhelming your brain.

However, this overpowering feeling is fleeting, being quickly replaced with an intensely physical relaxation that settles in the body.

3 Kings, being a hybrid, causes effects that are generally considered to belong to either sativas or indicas. By containing both types of effects, 3 Kings is able to be a sort of smorgasbord of different marijuana experiences. 3 Kings Marijuana strains

You will feel an intense happiness that will leave you with a smile firmly rooted on your face, as well as just feeling generally relaxed. However, this blissful relaxation is then altered by a powerful urge to do something physical, ideally something creative.

It is a strange dichotomy to experience both supreme relaxation and a drive to complete personal projects.

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