Banana OG Marijuana Strains

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Banana OG Marijuana Strains is a wickedly powerful Indica-dominant Hybrid. You’ll need to handle this one with care, as it occasionally tests over 25% THC. While there are some creative Sativa effects, these are generally overpowered by the landslide of Indica tranquilization. Befitting its name, this marijuana also has a sweet candied banana smell.

Banana OG Experience

Banana OG Marijuana Strains is just relentlessly potent. At normal doses, this cannabis is for seasoned weed smokers only. Novices should steer clear, or dose with caution. Enthusiasts who go for it will find that this weed provides a euphoric and almost narcotic body high.

It’s bred from OG Kush and Banana, and it’s a bit slow on the uptake: it takes some time after inhalation to show its effects, so be cautious. Once the high shows up, consumers are in for a ride, as one would expect from marijuana that tests at 20-27% THC.

Given that it’s a Hybrid, there are some Sativa effects: a certain sense of creativity and a cerebral tingly feeling. However, the balance is definitely shifted towards the physical. Banana OG Marijuana Strains

Cannabis enthusiasts will experience a wandering mind, but they’ll be couch-locked the whole time. If you make it off the couch, too, you’re going to want a lot of food. All of this makes Banana OG an appropriate nighttime smoke for consumers who want to zone out, get happy, and get hungry.

Traits of Banana OG and Banana OG Seeds

his strain doesn’t look much like the fruit it’s named after, and is not picturesque: the buds are a light dull green which are dusted with dark amber trichomes. However, the odor of this marijuana is straight banana.

Some consumers describe it as an appetizing ripe banana smell. Others say it’s more of a rotten, skunky banana. Obviously, this is a love-it-or-hate-it aroma. That flavor persists in the mouth, resulting in a strangely smooth smoke that feels sort of like banana medicine.

Medical Benefits of Banana OG

While you probably remember banana flavored cough medicine, this banana packs a much broader range of medical benefits for marijuana patients.

  • This herb induces a fierce appetite that may prove helpful for patients dealing with appetite loss or nausea
  • Strongly sedative, this flower could be helpful for insomnia patients or those dealing with chronic stress
  • Provides Indica-typical pain relief which may be enjoyed by patients tolerating mild chronic pain


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