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A mostly sativa hybrid from Snow High Seeds, Blueberry Blast is a the result of the famous Blueberry-Haze genetics of Blue Dream being pollinated by a Johnny Blaze male. These flowers smell strongly of blueberry, musk, and sweet candy, and taste like cedar and berries when smoked or vaped. A definite sativa effect is to be expected, with soaring, trippy highs that gradually fade into relaxation. Buy Blueberry blast Marijuana strains

A heavy cerebral toll that hits you with an energizing kick—one top-pick. Once you spark your roll, this strain will fulfill all your cannabis goals. Buy Blueberry blast Marijuana strains

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Blueberry Blast Pre-Rolls ease chronic pain and fatigue, helping you gain control over nausea and migraines. Once you dabble with this strain you will realize you’ve made a wise decision. You will gain a chatty demeanor once the THC levels set in—a complete win.

Experience a strong candy flavor, a berry sweet treat, you’ll be entirely satiated once you meet. Black Pre-rolls are available in the Black Label (AAA+ flower) as 0.5g, or 1g single joints, 5-packs, 10-packs, 25-packs, and 50-packs. Each joint is sealed with a Boveda moisture pack to prolong freshness.

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Blueberry Blast is marked by medium to large flowers that have a uniquely tapered, conical shape. The sizable buds adhere in a dense, heavy indica structure and breaking them apart calls for a quality grinder. The mossy green leaves are shot through with hairy orange pistils.

Vibrant shades of purple are often present as well; these colors come about when anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s genetics are agitated by cold weather during vegetation — the process is not unlike the changing of foliage in autumn due to declining chlorophyll levels.

Translucent white trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces of these flowers, contributing to the strain’s psychoactivity and giving the buds a sticky texture.

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