818 OG Marijuana



Named after the telephone area code of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, 818 OG is an OG Kush strain popular with patients for treating pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Not to be confused with the other OG cut named for the locale, the 818 OG has a very fruity flavor that is quite different from the sour, earthy fuel taste found in the SFV OG. 818 OG Marijuana

The effects of this strain are well balanced between mind and body and will loosen up any muscle tension that may be plaguing you. With an initial rush of euphoria, users feel a flightiness that leaves you feeling tingly and happy from head to toe. These effects can last for hours and are typically accompanied or even replaced by a fully relaxed, almost sedated high that flows through your body and takes you back down to your couch. You’ll enjoy this phase for the rest of the high, growing deeper and deeper into the body and taking you off to sleep.

This mouthwatering strain is perfect for many occasions, but especially as a nightcap. Though it has an initial wave of energy, the soothing feeling you get after a few minutes is sure to melt away any woes from the day. Because of its outstanding flavors and stellar effects, you’ll be reaching for 818 OG again and again. 818 OG Marijuana

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