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White Widow is a Sativa-dominant strain at 60% Sativa 40% Indica. Possessing potent mental and physical high, White Widow may not be a good strain for first-time users since its effects can be pretty overwhelming. Buy White Widow Online

Despite its potency though, White Widow remains one of the top favorites of many cannabis enthusiasts.

Brief History of White Widow

White Widow marijuana is among the most famous and notorious hybrid strain worldwide.Initially developed in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds in 1994, the strain is a cross breed of a Brazilian sativa landrace strain and a resin-heavy South Indian indica. The strain is referred to as white due to its buds remaining white with crystal resin.

Its high potency makes it favorite among coffee shops in Amsterdam, all over the world and as an essential ingredient in breeding other strains to increase their effectiveness. Buy White Widow Online

Distinguishing Features of White Widow

The elongated buds of White Widow are light milky green in color. interspersed with white and deep red hairs. Silvery white trichomes cover the bud in a rich layer.

The light green leaves are Sativa-looking with tinges of yellow and light orange. They are narrower in appearance, consistent with a Sativa-dominant strain.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of White Widow

The THC content of White Widow is high at about 21%, although some tests reveal it can reach as high as 25%. CBD level is about 0.28% to 0.51%, while CBD content is about 0.01% to 0.08%. Some tests show this strain contains about 1.1% CBC.

It contains high levels of myrcene and terpinolene.

Flavors and Aromas of White Widow

White Widow has a strong earthy, woody and pungent aroma with traces of cheese and ammonia. You will also get small hints of pine aroma. As for its taste, it is sweet and earthy with hints of spices, cheese, and herbs.

This medley of flavors and aromas make it one of the favorite strains of many.

Effects of White Widow

At first deep hit, you will immediately feel a boost in your energy as the stress and pain leave your body. This soon gives way to a feeling of euphoria, contentment, bliss, and happiness.

Despite feeling more energetic, you will also feel calmer and more relaxed as its body high creeps in.

Medical Conditions

White Widow is best used in the afternoon. It can relieve headaches, stress, and anxiety caused by day-to-day problems. It can also help relieve pain and fatigue.

White Widow may also be a good strain to use for depression and ADD/ADHD as it can help stabilize mood, calm the nerves, and improve focus.

Side Effects of White Widow

Like most Sativa-dominant cannabis strains, White Widow is known for the dry mouth and dry eyes sensation that it causes. It can also increase anxiety as well as trigger some paranoia. Some users also report feeling dizzy after using White Widow.

White Widow may not be the ideal strain for newbies to cannabis.

Where to Buy White Widow

You may order White Widow online or buy them from your local dispensary. However, if you want to shop in the comfort and privacy of your home, you can order them from

They are one of the most trusted online weed providers in Canada, offering fresh, premium-grade, organic buds.

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