24K GOLD MARIJUANA For sale, If you’re a fan of strains bred from award-winning genetics, 24K Gold is a strain you can’t pass up. It’s a combination of the fabled LA strain dubbed Kosher Kush and infamous award-winner Tangie.

Uniting the effects of these two strains gives us 24K Gold, which is hard to grow indoors and requires an experienced hand to cultivate.

Those that have tried this exquisite strain have reported that it creates a multitude of effects ranging from mood enhancement and pain relief to enhanced senses and clear-headed thinking. What is felt is dependent on how much has been taken and this strain has received great reviews from both novice and veteran consumers alike.

The scent and flavor of 24K Gold is not unlike its parents’, being citrusy with hints of fresh soil.

This 60% indica breed is slightly challenging as an indoor strain, but reaps a high yield when cultivated outdoors. 24K Gold was named so due to its supremely aromatic presence and its unmistakable flavor, and its slightly golden and trichome-covered buds. 24K GOLD MARIJUANA For sale


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