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Buy Apple Afghani Hash is a new staple hash on our concentrates menu and for good reason. Our AAAA+ hash is imported directly from the northern regions of Afghanistan, an area known for producing some of the best hashish in the country. What differentiates Afghani hash from other variations of hash is the amount of time and dedication put into making the product.

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Afghani hashish is typically hand-pressed and meticulously manipulated until absolutely perfect, which results in a product that is pliable with a tremendously prominent aroma.

Afghani Hash Flavour Profile: Shop Apple Afghani Hash Online

The flavor profile of Afghani Apple Hash is described as very earthy, with mellow spicy and woody undertones. Whether you crumble it up into a bong or roll it into a joint, our AAAA+ hash will be sure to impress even the pickiest of stoners. Buy Apple Afghani Hash

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Apple Afghani Hash or Afghani apple hashish is the new staple hashish on our concentrates menu and they have been made into our list because of some good reason. Our AAAA+ Afghani apple hash is sourced straight from locations known for producing high-quality hashish.

Afghani apple hash is made from trichomes, which are the ripe, sticky gland heads that line the surface of cannabis plants. Whether crumbled into a bong or rolled into a joint, this AAAA+ Afghani apple hash is sure to please even the most discerning potheads. 

Consume Our Apple Afghani Hash For The Best Euphoric Sensation? 

If you’ve never smoked Apple Afghani Hash, you may be a bit confused about how to use it.

Let’s look at the best options here:

  1. You can make snakes out of your Apple Afghani Hash. Wrap them around or into a joint or blunt.
  2. You may also use our Apple Afghani Hash in your pipe on top of or blended with flowers.
  3. You may also consume it through a water pipe.
  4. Vaping is another viable choice in this situation. In fact, several vaporizers are built particularly for hashish and related concentrates.
  5. You can also try dabs to consume our AAAA+ Afghani apple hash, but we don’t recommend it because a 2014 study reveals that Afghani apple hash this way cause people to build up a higher tolerance to THC and experience more withdrawal symptoms


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