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Chernobyl is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that carries a unique lime sherbet smell. Originally bred by Subcool’s The Dank, this citrusy strain descends from Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity. Expect dreamy, long-lasting cerebral effects that will float you to a happy mood and relaxed mindsets. Buy Chernobly Haze marijuana

Chernobyl a hybrid that emanates a strong, pungent, aromatic scent of lime – with a slight hint of cherry. It sharply affects your sense of smell as you inhale it’s green, provocative odor. This assault on your senses is just a foreshadowing of what is in store for you whether you smoke or vape this beautiful Sativa dominant hybrid. Large, bright, frosty green buds can not be mistaken- to be any other strain I have found so far.

This unique fragrance sets my mouth watering when I get a whiff of it. – For me it had a penetrating power that was not only mentally stimulating – causing a burst of creativity but, – it works swiftly (almost immediately) on chronic severe pain. Bonus! This strain is very appealing for a variety of reasons – but I love the long lasting effects of the head/body high. Did not leave me feeling tired. This strain did not knock me out – although I would say the reaction I have when using this is an exceptional pain reliever. Buy Chernobly Haze marijuana

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