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Buy AC/DC CBD oil, The strain reportedly grows to average height, producing thin leaves and medium yields of big, dewy buds. The strain grows best indoors and in warm environments. It’s reported to flower in 63-70 days, possibly longer in colder areas. ACDC can be finicky, so novice and intermediate growers with limited grow space may want to look elsewhere for a high-CBD plant.

What Are the Effects of ACDC?

ACDC is well beloved because of its effects that don’t intoxicate or sedate the system beyond functionality and productivity. The strain starts off by relaxing the system and instilling a strong sense of calm that doesn’t induce drowsiness or sleepiness. Then, you’ll notice an uplifted, happier mood, putting you in a better disposition and clearing your mind of negative thoughts and emotions that might cause stress and tension.

Although far more subtle than the effects listed above, ACDC also gives rise to a sense of concentration. Although not quite as razor-sharp as the focus lent by other strains, the level of attention that ACDC allows can be sufficient for task completion. Of course, you might still experience a distraction or two. But with reduced mental clutter and a feeling of well-being, it’s more likely that you’ll stay on task with minimal distractions. Buy AC/DC CBD oil

Towards the tail end of the strains effects, most people will experience a minor crash. As the effects come to a close, the strain will then impact the system with a subtle drowsiness. Although not overpowering, users have the option to entertain the feeling for a restful sleep, or to ride it out until the end of the strain’s effects. Whatever the case, you’re in control.

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