At Hemspharm we strive to make better and easy to use, we upgrade with recent technology to make payment easy and anonymous for our clients. We now introduce the use of BITCOIN as a payment method here on our website.
for all orders above $1000 that you place and you pay via Bitcoin you get 5% off the total cost of the order. This applies only for orders paid for via Bitcoin.
Note: It does not apply for orders paid for using Credit Cards, Amazon gift card, Western Union, Money Gram etc.
For Bitcoin payments contact us for the bitcoin wallet address.

B) Western Union
C) Money Gram
For Western Union and Money Gram please contact us via email/ phone number for the payment details.
NOTE also: You can easily make payments online by simply signing up via OR then use your credit card/Visa card/Master card/American Express/Discover card with the payment details which we will provide to you so as to make the payments.
Also if you have the money Cash you can go to the nearest Western Union OR Money Gram agent location in your area and make the payments in person using the payment details we will provide to you.
Note: western Union and Money gram payments services are time saving, cost effective, Fast as well as 100% secured. Contact us for payment details. however once the payment are done always ensure to send us the full and clear receipt with reference number to our email for the confirmation of the transaction so as to enable us proceed with your shipments and discret delivery to your address.
Other Payment Options.

  1. Amazon gift card: Simply go to Walgreens store or Walmart and purchase a gift card equivalent to the amount of your order, once you get the Amazon gift card simply scratch the back of the card and send us the snapshot of the card showing the code and also the receipt for the confirmation of your payment via our email.
  2. Bank Transfer: contact us for bank details, note this payment option is accepted for bulk orders except otherwise.